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21 de enero de 2007

Hadorbanim - Shuv Hadisco Kan

Hadorbanim - Shuv Hadisco Kan

The Art of Dreaming


19 de enero de 2007

Exploring Life Extension

A film by the Immortality Institute that explores various aspects of extreme life extension including cryonics (cryogenics), caloric restriction, transhumanism, and other scientific pursuits of extreme life extension.

Related websites:

Related topics include:
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Zeca Baleiro (Brasil Music)

Zeca Baleiro - Quase nada (DVD)
Zeca Baleiro & Fagner - Dezembros
Zeca Baleiro & Fagner - Azuleijo
Zeca Baleiro - Proibida Pra Mim
Zeca Baleiro - Lenha
Vapor Barato - Gal Costa e Zeca Baleiro
Samba do Approach - Zeca Baleiro

Brasil Music other

Fernanda Abreu - Rio 40 graus
Palpite singing
Gabriel O Pensador e Detonautas- Sorria
2345 meia 78 Gabriel o Pensador
Gabriel O Pensador e Lulu Santos- Astronauta
Gabriel O Pensador-Fala Sério (cantando)
Gabriel O Pensador- Cachimbo da Paz altas horas 2003
Ivete Sangalo + Deusa do Amor + Protesto do Olodum (Ao Vivo)

How to Draw a Woman



Plane landing on the beach

Plane landing on the beach
crazy plane landing hehe

Innovative supermarket in China.

Innovative supermarket in China.

Kinetic Sculptures

Kinetic Sculptures
Theo Jansen

MIT sketching

Stephen Wiltshire: The Human Camera

Mexico (New)

Vova & Olga's team act rehearsal

Tony vs. Paul
Cornelius - fit song
My Animated World

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2 de enero de 2007

Rabbi Meir Kahane in debate with Prof. Alan Dershowitz: Judaism Vs. Democracy

Rabbi Meir Kahane in debate with Prof. Alan Dershowitz, two awesome debaters

Judaism Vs. Democracy ?

Raid on the Reactor

The story of the IAF's attack on the Iraqi Nuclear reactor near Baghdad in June 1981


Ken Robinson
Inspiring talk from Bono on activism for Africa

1 de enero de 2007

health links

Health links:

Health Clock http://healthclock.healthology.com/main/general.aspx

Death Clock http://deathclock.com/

Super Foods http://www.webmd.com/content/article/81/96952.htm

Usana Español http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXhlVhhAIOQ

LetterScapes: Letter Scapes means something like every letter has its own rithm and codec. Alec Alec Codec

Play a game of pool: http://www.freaknfunnyvideos.com/zflash/pool.swf

The Ghost in Your Genes


I was very impressed by this movie, I think that it constructs the case for the multiple dimensions we live in.