17 de marzo de 2007

One Reason I Got my Back All Bowed up....

....over the NAZI chic thing in the update to this post is that there are still people out there who are upset Hitler didn't finish the job... and not just loons in the closet either.

Witness this bizarre talk by an Iranian scholar regards the subtle Jewish propoganda that is Tom and Jerry...

Laugh at the fact that Tom and Jerry was not made by Walt Disney. Chuckle over the weird notion that the predatory cat is the true victim of the cruel mouse...(yes Tom can be sympathetic I suppose but COME ON).

And just scratch your head over the fact that this asshat is using Schindler's List as a reference for this holocaust denying, Tom and Jerry maligning, lecture.

But while you smirk at this idiot, remember, this guy is quite representative of people who run several countries and in this particular country those people want to get and are close to getting nukes to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. And remember that periodically their Hezbollah proxies are trying to(and all too often often succeeding to) kill Jews via rocket, bomb or gun.

Anyway, I stand by the devil-worship comment, no matter how ironically cute the fanart may be.

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