13 de mayo de 2007


Finally, the secret to short-term trading success...

Attention! All Short-Term Traders...

Discover The Easiest & Fastest Way To Pick Winning Stocks Every Trading Day.

Our research has found that there is a direct link between Earnings Growth, Momentum and Trading Profit.

We have developed a breakthrough technology that analyzes earnings releases and volume breakouts to maximize on explosive one day gains.

Dear Investor,

Now more than ever people are choosing to take control of their own trading rather than going with professional brokers like they used to.

One reason they're doing it is because they know that nobody cares more about their investments and their well-being than they do. Not friends, not co-workers and certainly not investment advisors, with hundreds of clients and a limited number of hours in the day.

They also realize that successful traders aren't born -- they're made.

My name is Bill McKinley and I have studied the market for more than twenty years. Seven years ago I started Investing Systems, Inc. with a few partners when we stumbled upon a system for compounding portfolio value for long-term investors.

Since then we have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars researching criteria for short-term trading.

What we discovered shocked us and we knew we were on to something. I won't bore you with all the mind-numbing details except to say that we have been testing this criteria for more than 5 years and what you are about to discover will blow you away.

Welcome to the Stock Picker RT Web Site...

Like most traders, you probably spend a great deal of time researching stocks for a short-term trade. Would you like us to help you find winning stock picks using some time-tested and proven strategies developed by some of the world's top traders?

Read This...

Dear Bill,

What can I say! This is the Best scanning
software I have found in my nine years of

In one easy click I get 4 to 15 picks every day.

This must save me 20 to 30 hours of research
every week.

Who could ask for more? I made more than 12
times the cost of the software in less than one day.
On just 1 trade!

I cannot recommend this software strongly

I have been involved in technology for over 30 years and this program is the most accurate and simple to use that I have ever found.

Forget all the newsletters and subscriptions, Just
get a StockPickerRT and take the guess work and
long hours out of your trading research.

Thanks again,
Thomas J. Cashman Jr.

No doubt about it, Tom is happy, but he is not alone.

Now, you can achieve that same success with the new Stock Picker RT software. It's the newest generation of software for finding stocks poised for explosive short-term gains.

If you'd like to know:

  • Which stocks to buy
  • Exactly what price to pay
  • When to sell
  • How to reduce your risk
  • How to simplify and improve the process of finding great stocks
  • And how to consistently compound your portfolio value, all with just a few mouse clicks, you'll love this brand new, easy-to-use program.

This software is absolutely "must have" technology for today's trading activity. It combines the power of 100% proven and time-tested investment research with an easy-to-use, highly visual and dynamic user interface for the most effective, most productive way to select stocks for a short-term trade.

Unfortunately, finding such companies has been painfully tedious and time-consuming. It required tremendous patience and analytical skills, not to mention hundreds of calculations and comparisons.

But now, that's all changed!

Thanks to the Internet, accurate online financial statements and inexpensive but powerful computers, all you need to do is make one mouse click and this amazingly easy-to-run program will uncover today's hottest stocks that are on the move right now, instantly.

One mouse click and you can begin trading smarter and potentially much more profitably.
We are bringing tested and proven systems together with step-by-step guides to give you an edge that will let you trade with confidence and profit like never before.

Here Is How It Works...

This software contains specific screening criteria that you can take advantage of daily to scout out the potential winners. This kind of technology has previously been impossible for most retail investors.

It is specifically designed to give you your own independent style of operation based on the type of trading that appeals to you most.

It will monitor every publicly traded company with our own set of privately licensed market indicators and bring you the winners each day!

We know that when you are looking for a stock to trade, you want your list Fast & Accurate. That's what we're here for: to give you the answers to the questions...

  • What stock should I buy?
  • When should I buy it?
  • When should I sell it?

The New Stock Picker RT Gives You Exactly This.

The Stock Picker RT is the result of my personal trading experience, over the last 20 years and the culmination of thousands of hours of market research conducted at Investing Systems.

Through our involvement with various companies and industry experts, we often make discoveries and breakthroughs that can be applied to retail investor's trading strategies daily.

Now You Can ...

  • Find consistent earnings growth
  • Scan for momentum in individual stocks
  • Keep your emotions from getting in the way of your trading success
  • Effectively place stop limit & stop loss orders
  • Finally profit as a short-term trader
  • Compound your portfolio value consistently, like clockwork.

If you are ready to trade stocks like a professional short-term trader... Read On.

We have programmed it to perform all of the complicated screening and scanning behind the scenes.

We started with the idea that if you could make just a couple percent a day, and cover your commissions you could compound portfolio value pretty quickly. It is not really rocket science. It's quite simple...

A One dollar stock that goes up 2 cents is up 2%. A Three dollar stock... six cents. I have news for you folks, you do not have to hit a home run with every trade. Compounding small gains is powerful stuff.

See for yourself...

With the Stock Picker RT you will not have to re-write the screening criteria or try and back-test any particular trading strategies.

You simply connect to the Internet, open the program and Instantly, it will return a list of recommended stocks with a stop price and target price.

These stocks are poised for BIG gains and should be watched very closely. You can set it to refresh at various intervals automatically throughout the trading day and leave it open on your taskbar.

Never Before Has Scanning the market for strong stocks is as easy as Point and Click, and you can do it every trading day, in just one-click and profit like never before.

Using This Software Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Take A Look At The Screenshots Below...

Every Trading Day, on the main screen of the software, you will see a list of today's picks.

There is a variety of selectable charts to further enhance your knowledge of the particular stock.

By selecting the drop down box below the chart you can select from 20 day, 3 month, 6 month or the full year.

The longer term charts also include the 20 day and 50 day exponential moving averages.

This is The World's EASIEST Stock Picking Software...

We talk about compounding small gains. And it's truly powerful stuff, but look at the stock in the screenshot.

Its up over $2.50 in one day, that's 18.75% in one day.

In fact, gains like that are NOT uncommon, and you'll see your share of them too.

And best of all...

It's completely automatic and uses freely available investment data from the Internet.

The Stock Picker RT software will analyze thousands of stocks, with one mouse-click. The software runs automatically in the background so you can work on other tasks or simply relax with a cup of coffee while watching fundamentally solid stocks pop onto the screen.

Ten years ago this same analysis would have taken a team of professionals weeks, if not months, to complete. And just 5 years ago research like this would still have cost you many thousands of dollars a year. Some people still pay that today for Stock Picking Reports and Newsletters.

The Good News is... that's no longer necessary. The Stock Picker RT can now provide the analysis you need automatically.

In fact this is the package they should have given you when you first opened your brokerage account.

I do want to thank you for making a program available at this kind of price to the "little guy".

I'm sure you very happily make your money trading, but a lot of guys would have tried selling this for $1000's (Wait til I get all my friends on this before you do that!) ;-)

I've only been in this learning curve about a year and I know that many people are struggling to figure out what works, and are taken advantage of.

This really simplifies things. Added with my other tools, this will really jump start my day. Take care and God Bless!


You can use this Powerful Tool to Jump Start Your Trading Too, This software has more information in it than your broker has in his expensive office. In fact a customer told me the other day that his broker calls him every morning, to find out what his picks are.

I guess his broker has noticed his success first hand.

You Will Experience Better Trading as You Accelerate Your Trading Success...

Most people start with just a few thousand dollars in their short-term trading account, so they must be sure to get the best, most "select" picks for their trading.

That is what we're here for. To bring you only the best, high probability picks each day, in just one click.

As your confidence and your account grow, you can trade more picks, more profitably than ever before. Imagine the confidence you will have knowing that every pick on the list is poised for an explosive short term gain.

How Do I use the Program in Real-Life?

The Stock Picker RT is very simple to use.

Just open the program during market hours and it will automatically perform the scan and show the recommended stocks.

It doesn't get any easier than that.

It will display the current price and your target price to sell as well as a stop-loss point. The program will refresh throughout the trading day, at set intervals.

Stocks will come and go from the list. It is intended to be used to capture short-term gains of 5-10%.

We always suggest using stop orders and the program default for a stop-loss is 7% under the current price.

This strategy is consistent with momentum methods. The program is intended for "swing-traders" who aren't afraid to move fast.

The Stock Picker RT is the most simple-to-use stock picking software anywhere, and you will have total control over your trades.

If you were going to hire someone to scan all the earnings releases for you, how much would you have to pay? It would probably cost 30K a year or more, per person and you might need several. But now you can have the same benefits every trading day all year for a very low price.

You will be convinced... That scanning the market for strong stocks is as easy as Point and Click. Just Look at what the users have to say...


I can't rave enough about this program. I have had it for a short time and am blown away by its results.

I was hesitant about it at first and about spending the money, but I can tell you I made my investment in your program back in one trade.

Since then I have been successful in at least 80% of all trades.

Keep up the great job.

Finally got the time to trade using The Stock Picker for the first time yesterday.

Made more than the cost of it back in about 3 hours.

Good software! Thanks again,


First, let me compliment you on a super product.

Four purchases and no losers--2 showed substantial gains and two made minimal profit after brokerage.

This phenomenal performance can't go on forever, but I love it.


So How Much Is It You Ask?

It is actually amazingly inexpensive...

This software is going to drop the best stocks right on your desktop, each morning in just one click. What is the value of that?

Normally at this web site we sell a 30 day trial to this software for only $149.00 and its a great deal. Once you decide you like it you can buy an annual license for only $599.00.

If you would like to try the 30 day trial for only $149.00 Click Here

But now, for a VERY limited time, we are offering our famous

Spring Time Special

What that means is, you get a whole year of stock picks and the software shipped on CD ROM by priority mail for only $279.00 (A HUGE SAVINGS).

Spring Time Special

To Take Advantage Of This Special Offer...

1) You must order from this webpage only.

2) We will ship you the software on CD ROM.

3) You will be in the user database for a full year of winning stock picks.

The Shipping is FREE & We Even Pay The Taxes

Special Order Form Click Here

This Annual Special Price is 54% Off the Regular Member Price.

This is A HUGE Deal...

This package is valued at $599.00
and this Spring Time Special Offer Ends Soon

Order Today

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If you would like to extend your current license for one year at this fantastic price, call Bill at 904-491-8900 and he will hook you up.

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