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Track Record

We challenge any advisor to
beat this forecasting track record!

Out of James Dines’ last 21 annual forecasts for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, 19 were 100% correct. We know of no other financial analyst in the US or internationally to have surpassed or even matched that track record.

Here’s a small sampling of Mr Dines’ forecasts—which he often made as the lone voice in the wilderness. Time after time, the investment gurus disagreed totally. And time after time, he proved them wrong.
Date Mr Dines forecasted What the experts said Outcome
January 1966 An “invisible crash” will bring down stocks. In this modern economy stocks are resilient. Bear market from 1966 to 1982 adjusted for inflation.

1974 Gold boom ahead, with silver following suit. Gold is dead; it’s a relic of the past. Stick with stocks. Silver is an “industrial metal.” Gold soared 2,025% in 7 years. Silver raced ahead 1,639% in the same period.
June 15, 1982 Sell gold! Commentators, news writers and financial gurus all agree: gold will continue to rise. TDL subscribers locked in
10-fold profits in gold.
June 15, 1982 Major “buy” signal for stocks. Intense public pessimism regarding stocks. Dow was at 796—subsequently soared 1,376%.
1994 Internet will revolutionize the world—buy Internet stocks now. The Internet will take 10 to 20 years to catch on. It’s overpriced. Wait to buy. Recommended stocks soared over 1,000% in the next 6 years.
December 1994 Prepare for resumption of the major bull market in stocks. Prospects for a year-end rally are dim. Expect further declines. “Buy” signal within only one day of a 6-year bull market in stocks.
March 1996 Great religious war will begin in Central Asia + a major attack on a US city will send stocks plunging. No other financial advisor was paying much attention to foreign cultural developments. Tragic events of 9/11/01.
September 1996 On the Nightly Business Report TV show, Mr Dines predicted a currency crisis to start in Asia. Majority saw no danger signs in Asia’s massive debt. Currency crash in Southeast Asia; South Korea needing a bailout. Southeast Asians lost 50%–70% of their wealth.
January 1999 Sell euros at $1.17. Majority says euro will hold at $1.17. Instead, gets up to $1.18 and then crashes to 84¢. The euro’s plummet makes Mr Dines furious because he missed a “hole in one” by only one penny.
December 3, 1999 When the herd pours into Internet stocks, that will be the top—time to bail out. The experts suddenly speak gloriously of dot-coms. Mutual funds bought Internet stocks in droves in March 2000—prices began to slide in March.
October 20, 2000 Downgraded Toronto Stock Exchange 300 “Caution is warranted.” Any weakness in the TSE 300 viewed only as a correction just like the Dow’s. Only 5 days later, the TSE 300 crashed 1,146 points.
September 2001 Too much pessimism so buy stocks. NASDAQ predicted to rise to around 2,000. Recession coming, so don’t buy. NASDAQ hits 2,000 on December 5, 2001. “Buy” signal off low by only 5 days.
September 18, 2001 Sell signal on the US dollar and a buy on the euro at $0.9249. The dollar is growing stronger…buy. The dollar subsequently plunged and the euro rose over 48%.
March 11, 2002 “Run for your life” at 10,611 came within only one day of the 2002 Top. 2002 will be a new bull market…buy. Crashed 32%.
June 2003 Cameco (CCJ), virtually unknown in the investment community, will lead the uraniums, as the age of petroleum ends in this century. Nuclear energy carries a heavy baggage of concerns, making it a risky investment. Cameco has since risen 376%. Uranium up 280%. Mutual funds will scramble to acquire Cameco at any price.

January 16, 2004

Crude oil is a “buy” at prices near record highs at $34.31, as the US dollar crash distorts the world’s trading patterns.

Big oil producers led by Saudi Arabia are likely to increase production at these record-high prices.

Crude oil soared 62% to $55.65 per barrel on October 27, 2004.

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