22 de abril de 2007


Why Trade with Spike?

Built By Traders For Traders

STS understands the unique needs of experienced futures traders because we're futures traders ourselves, with over twenty years trading experience. This experience guides everything we do, from selecting the electronic order entry systems we offer to how we provide customer support.

Even more importantly, at STS we respect the commitment you've made to trade at the best of your ability, so we work hard to make sure you can focus on the markets rather than worry about your account.

We recognize the specific factors you need to make your trading career a success, and we strive to deliver those products and services better than anyone else.

We realize you need the best tools available to gain an edge in the market, so we continuously strive to provide you with the best trading technology.

And we believe that advantages can be gained by using time-tested analysis techniques, which is why we make the same proprietary analytics and research we use to trade the markets available to our customers. We continuously review new developments in trading systems and research to make sure you’re kept up to date on the most helpful trading tools.

At STS, you join a team of experienced futures traders who approach the markets as a evolving business and who constantly strive to identify the tools, resources and practices that best enable consistent success in the markets.

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